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Government Of Assam Department of Cultural Affairs Directorate of Museum


    • Collection of antiquities and art objects
    • Preservation of the antiquities of Assam
    • Preservation esthetic objects of different basis of Assam
    • Creation awareness amongst the student of the State
    • Create integrity among the people of the State
    • Organization academic programme for students
    • Published different books about the antiquities, arts objects and traditional Culture
    • To present historical objects
    • Instill sense of national pride in the people and every citizen to give their best in the Museum field
    • To make the national and international medium to promote sense of culture of the State.
    • To improve the sense of Museum among the student community.

           The role of Directorate of Museums is manifold. The main aim of the Directorate of Museums, Assam is to collect and preserve the antiquities and cultural heritage of the people of Assam and the region for posterity
           The Directorate of Museums organizes seminar, exhibition, talks on art and art competition among the student for awareness about history and culture.
           The Directorate of Museums also extends and shares its expertise to the NGO's, Private Museums and Satra Museums of Assam in the field of Conservation & Preservation.
           The Directorate of Museums is striving to improve the Assam State Museum and to raise its functioning and position to national level Museum in future. Now, we have also started short term summer internship in care and maintenance of the museum objects. We have already started the North East Textile Gallery & planning to set up South East Asia Gallery. Assam State Museum now has 12 Nos. of Gallery. We are going to open Natural History Gallery.
           The aim of the District Museums and sub-divisional Museum is to collect the local objects and to create awareness of the same. A good nos. of antiquities are collected and displayed in the District Museums and sub-divisional Museum. These ethnographic objects give us vivid picture of the rural economy, way of life and cultural and natural setting of village life in rural areas.
          The Nilima Baruah Folk Art Museum portrays the cultural life of the peasant society while Lokapriya Gopinath Bordoloi Memorial Museum highlights some of the important activities, contribution and life of Lokapriya Gopinath Bordoloi, the 1st Chief Minister of Assam.