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Government Of Assam Department of Cultural Affairs Directorate of Museum

Preserving Heritage

We have a Central Conservation Laboratory located at Assam State Museum campus. It was established on 26th June, 1984. This is the first Conservation Laboratory of North East Region. Since then the conservation Laboratory is involved in the preservation and restoration of objects like stone, manuscripts, metallic objects, terracotta coins, textile, ethnography, wooden objects and paintings. Nearly 2000 objects have been preserved scientifically. Conservation services are also offered to private Museums, Satra Museums, Satras and N.G.O's within and out side the state. Nine workshops related with conservation have been organized till now.

The following galleries were renovated by the Indian Museum Kolkata in the year 2004-2006.
     i. Epigraphy Gallery
     ii. Metallic Sculpture and Numismatic Gallery
     iii. Pre and Proto History Gallery and Terracotta Gallery
     iv. Textile Gallery
     v. Manuscript Gallery

The Directorate of Museums, Assam has also initiated and renovated the following galleries.

     i. Stone Sculptures comprising of three sections
     ii. Arms and Ammunitions Gallery
     iii. Painting Gallery